Happy 4th…

“A Woman I’ve Never Known”

I see in a mirror

a woman i’ve never known…


colorful sashes

lightly shaded sun glasses

high heels flashing

hips dashing

onlookers whisper

stoppin’ traffic







Oh so


Like a good glass of wine

in its perfect timing

a toast of glasses

raised high

smilin’ …





Took some time,

but God the Potter,

always finished

what He started.

I see in a mirror…

a woman i’ve never known.


..there’s a UsainBolt or FlorenceGriffethJoyner in all of us…just depends on what your running for. 

…i put my book down for a MINUTE to take a quick pic of my hubby enjoying a moment, when suddenly, the most “perfect” wind lifted the front cover of my book up and sent several of my “blood, sweat and tears written on paper” quickly tumbling in a straight line, one after the other, across the northern beach sand!!! What???!!! 😳
I didn’t give it a second thought and didn’t care who was looking because IMMEDIATELY…adrenaline kicked in and I took off running after those papers like it was nobody’s business!!! 

Hubby said he tried to reach for his cell phone to take a video of me running, when he heard the sound of a few more pieces of my papers, rustling, trying to go into movement, so he knew by that point what to do, lol!!! He put that cell phone down! Anyway, in what I would call a 100 yard sprint of events, I started off with the toss of my phone! Where? I don’t know! Then the car keys went flying out my waist pouch as I ran! Seemed like every couple of strides, something was falling off of me. Each thing I lost was like an uncontrollable weight, lifted, so my body could excelerate and desperately keep up with my papers quickly tumbling across the sand. My right sandal! Gone! Then the left I just kicked off!!! I was in full speed chasing my papers! The bracelet a good friend of mine had made and given to me some years back had flung off my right wrist into the sand! But I kept moving without a second thought! Before I knew it, I was hitting the curb to run bare footed across the parking lot! BUT I DIDN’T CARE!!! It wasn’t just some random papers I was running after, it was my LIFE! I just kept running!!! 
By then, on lookers had picked up on “sOmEtHiNg” going on!:))). Only thing I knew was that my upper body needed to keep up with my legs! I felt like I could take off and fly!!! …and FINALLY!!! I had caught up and grabbed 2 of the papers but 1 of the papers kept tumbling across the black tar parking lot and flew underneath a car during the pursuit! So my immediate thought was, DON’T STOP!!! Keep running to meet it on the other side! But thank God there was a young Mom and her son walking in the parking lot who saw me and she signaled her son to grab the paper on the other side! I was so thankful!!! OMG! My chase was over! Only thing I could do was smile from the inside out, from ear to ear, as the young boy who had helped to save the day, smiled back at me to say your welcomed.

As I back tracked my steps, everything I had lost along the way of this crazy pursuit…I believe God was showing me something and blessed me to recover ALL! EVERYTHING!!! 

So be encouraged Beautiful ppl…don’t give up! Put your work in. Do your part, no matter what it looks like. Do your BEST. Pursue your passion and your purpose like it’s nobody’s business! Give it your all!!! And anything you feel as though you lost along the way,…keep the faith to believe you will recover ALL. [1 Samuel 30:8] Allow God to show you what your truly made of!!! Before you know it, you will know there’s been a Champion (A Usain Bolt or Florence Griffeth-Joyner:))) inside of YOU all the time!!! You just needed to know what your passion and purpose was. Once you know it….”do what you do!” …and don’t let anything or anyone stop you from fulfilling your DESTINY. Run people! Run!!! It’s, YOUR LiFe. #iamawriter❤️

I AM A WriTeR…

….go with the flow 
of where Life 

is leading.

Don’t get stuck 

in stagnant waters.

Let go 

of the old 

and find the courage 

to embrace the new.

It’s not that 

the old 

is always bad,

it’s just time

to move on.

Move forward.

No looking back.

This life 

is a journey.

We were meant 

to learn and grow…

so why NOT you?

What’s holding you back?

Why stand still,

when God 

is taking you

to a whole new place.

Stop fighting

and know 

that change 

…is your Friend.